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back at it again at krispy kreme

Harry Styles & Angels in Renaissance and Baroque Art
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Another preview of Masaaki Yuasa Taizen - Sketchbook for Animation Projects, released today in Japan by Asukashinsha.
432 pages.
Including artworks of Mind Game, Tatami Galaxy, Kick Heart, Kaiba, Kemonozume, Cat Soup, Genius Party, Crayon Shin Chan, Maruko Chan …



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heres ur reminder to not support omocat and their artwork/products because they profit from the normalization of a term associated with #child pornography (which puts plenty of children in danger), and when confronted about it, reacted very irresponsibly.

reminder that this includes the Pretty Boy comic that’s been going around tumblr for a really long time. the post is pretty popular (>200k notes) and not everyone may know that omocat created it.

also here’s a post about how things like pretty boy are bad

are you freaking serious? I am so confused right now.

(i dunno if you are actually serious, this is so stupid, but I’m gonna give you my opinion on it anyway.)

what normalization? it’s literally just the head of a kid with a emotionless expression on his face with the caption SHOTA underneath! What about that is normalizing child pornography?

Personally, I’ve always though of the Pretty Boy comic as a very silly but sweet satire on Yaoi. Compared to published yaoi and shotacon out there, it’s pretty damn harmless.

and regarding the post about the trope “Jock Seme abuses Nerdy Uke then they fall in love” being bad

I agree

but the protagonist in Pretty Boy did not even ONCE abuse the pretty boy, he is actually really cool to him and then one day he defends him from bullies.

I’ve seen some real shotacon, the REAL stuff and I get that it’s not for anybody and should absolutely not be normalized, but my opinion on REAL Shotacon is another topic altogether. what I’m trying to say is Pretty Boy is not a problem! It is completely harmless.

I’d get it if it was actual porn or sexualized cartoon children on the shirt but it’s not. It’s a face. with text underneath.

if a person would ever get the idea that molesting underaged boys is normal, just from that shirt or from reading Pretty Boy, I’m pretty sure that person would have gotten the same idea from watching a sports anime and Digimon

Yeah, that comic has no abusive relationship in it. It’s a guy who’s present during bullies and goes from not intervening to spending the rest of his life with him, defending him from bullies.

The link about why posts like that comic is bad isn’t giving an explanation. If tehre was an actual point that could support your thesis, you forgot to make it.

I’m gonna start by agreeing with the two people above me and then calling everyone above them an ignoramus. Thank you to the two people above me. Everyone else, you are freaking ignoramuses. Okay, now that’s done, moving on.

Let me preface this with the disclaimer that I wholeheartedly believe sexual abuses against children and exposure of children to sexual concepts are both shitty things that shouldn’t happen. Child porn is a bad and terrible thing. And misusing language and falsely accusing artists of terrible things are also terrible things.

First, in Romeo & Juliet, Juliet was freaking twelve. And yet I never see anyone calling for the banning of that book. You wanna complain about the “normalization of the sexualization of children”, start there. Don’t give me that “it was a different era” crap either because plenty of books from “different eras” with problematic concepts (racism, abuse, language, etc) have been removed from school reading lists while this book is still on those lists. 

Second, Shota is an actual name. Did you know that Shota is a name that boys can have in Japan? And that it is a very common name? The sixth most common boy name in Japan in 2013? Do you honestly think parents are naming their child “child porn”? No. I thought not.

Third, Shota =/= Shotacon. This is like saying that a Cat and a Caterpillar are the same thing because they start with the same letters. What the heck. Shota is related to the concepts of kawaii (cuteness) and moe (in which characters are presented as young, cute or helpless in order to increase reader identification and inspire protective feelings).

Fourth, “It can also apply to postpubescent (adolescent or adult) characters with youthful neotenic features that would make them appear to be younger than they are.” (Thompson, Jason (2007). Manga: The Complete Guide. Del Rey. p. 501. ISBN 0-345-48590-4.) That’s right, Haninozuka Mitsukuni aka “Hunni-senpai” from Ouran, age 17 at the start of the series, is a shota! He is even described as such in episode 11 of the anime by Kirimi Nekozawa! The girl points at him and calls him a shota! What’s this? A mainstream anime blatantly calling a character a shota? Gasp. Maybe it doesn’t mean what American Japanophile weeb culture thinks it does.

Fifth, again to reference Ouran High School Host Club, in Episode 6 at about 9min30sec, Renge, states: (English quote from the official sub on Netflix) “While it’s true that there are some girls who feel their hearts beat faster in a way that’s hard to explain over boys of a younger age group or who have baby faces who we call shotakon fans. It is still a fairly broad category whose preferences can be further split into even more delicate classifications. Yes, while Haninozuka-senpai may represent the little boy type of this boy Lolita category, in his [Shiro Takaoji’s] case, the direction he should take is the naughty-boy type without a doubt." In the English dub this is translated to: "There are plenty of girls out there who have a thing for younger boys or boys with baby faces. These girls would be considered shota fans. Now shota can be a fairly broad category, so it’s important to know that the genre can be broken down into many different smaller subcategories. For example, shota fans with an interest in lolita boys would favor a boy like Haninozuka-senpai, but this little boy is different. If I had to pick a character for him… Yes he would be the naughty-boy type without a doubt." This is an actual useage of the term in context to describe a boy, Haninozuka, who is 17 years old (above the age of consent in most of Japan and many US states), who looks younger than he is and has neotenic features.

Sixth, if you are a csa survivor and are triggered by this genre due to the neotenic features of the characters, that’s perfectly understandable. But for crying out loud, just stay away from the genre then. Don’t go tossing around words you don’t understand or warping their definitions to fit your purposes. And do not go accusing artists of shit they don’t deserve to be accused of, such as perpetuating abuses against kids. It’s not cool.

Also hollowofichigo has some good thoughts on the topic here: if you want further reading.

wow!!!! you totally ignored the sources where it says that SHOTA ACTUALLY HARMS CHILDREN!!!!

ur a pedophile lol

Hahahaha no. Kids are disgusting, immature, gross, half-formed little humanoids with no sense of boundaries or respect who find amusement from their own bodily excretions. Kids are really freaking awful, in my opinion. So don’t throw around false accusations that you have pulled out straight from your rectum, you weird little parasite. And learn to type like an educated human being rather than a middle school reject.

And if you’re wondering why I’m even bothering to chime into this argument if I think human children are so repulsive, there are three reasons. Firstly, because I recognize that fiction is not reality and no real human children are involved in the creation of these materials. Secondly, because I recognize that fiction is not reality and creative persons should be free to create the material they are inspired to create in art or writing without fear of repercussions. And thirdly, because I recognize that fiction is not reality and no living people are harmed by the existence of fictional media.

I really feel you’re ignoring the point that “shota is not inherently sexual, can refer to adults with youthful features, and doesn’t ever in any way involve any actual real human kids”. But because I’m in a particularly generous mood, I’ll address your misconceptions again.

Shota material is not inherently sexual, can refer to adults with youthful features, and doesn’t ever in any way involve any actual real human kids. You get it yet?

By the way, if you do want to talk about the completely different topic of whether or not fictional material portraying fictional characters affects real human kids in a negative way, I simply haven’t come across any material with a statistical or logical basis to back up your claim. In fact, the opposite seems to be true. I’d be very curious to see some of these sources that state that entirely fictional material involving zero actual real minors is harmful to actual real minors. I mean really, look at how much mainstream live-action porn involves real young-looking 18-year old adult women in middle-school uniforms with pigtails and lollypops pretending to be minors! Wow, you must be so busy petitioning to have things like that banned for promoting real child abuse! The DD/lg kink that some people have must really get your panties in a twist too! I bet you wish those consenting adults would just stop existing in their consensual make believe interactions between adults! 

In return for your fallacy and vapid regurgitation of false inferences, I shall counter you with some sources indicating the opposite of your claim.

Firstly, Japan recently passed legislation cracking down on child porn depicting actual children in photo or video formats. And in doing so explicitly excluded anime and manga from the legislation. Because they recognize that: 1) some blobs of pencil graphite on a piece of paper or digital ink drawn on a screen don’t have an age; 2) those blobs of pencil graphite or digital ink heavily involve the art-style of their artist who may draw things in an exaggeratedly neotenic fashion; and 3) fiction is not reality and fictional drawn material does not involve real kids.

Second, these fictional erotic art materials have been increasing in popularity in Japan over the past several decades. Meanwhile sex crimes against real kids have decreased! Gasp! How is that possible if these materials lead directly to real kids being hurt! Hint: Because these materials don’t have a damn thing to do with real kids.

Third, if you want to continue to get totally away from the “shota does not mean child porn, can depict adults, and is not inherently sexual" topic we began with and want to talk about adults in general accessing any fictional materials depicting either real adults dressed to look younger or drawn artwork depicting characters who appear young regardless of their canon age, at least do your research you ignorant gnat. Many studies have found that access to materials portraying fictional characters who appear underage actually decreases sexual assault rates of actual children.

If you want some sources backing up this claim that access to pornography, including fictional depictions of characters who appear to be under 18, actually decreases sexual assault rates, I can provide those. Milton Diamond has participated in two particularly interesting published studies on the topic. They’re very well-written, have been published, and reference many other studies on the topic as well that also support the research. These papers both interestingly make the point that sexual assault rates decrease with access to pornography. And they further make the point that child abuse rates decrease with access to material involving characters portrayed as minors. I shall list the two studies here:

Furthermore, there are many more studies on the topic, but this is getting long enough and I’m quickly tiring of attempting to educate someone with the logical capacity of a flea.

On the other hand, if you meant to say that direct exposure to explicit materials harms children, then yes I will agree with you! Exposure to any sexual material isn’t good for kids! Including standard mainstream pornographic material which is readily available all over the internet! Why don’t you get on that! Go quick and ban all pornography from existence because it might fall into the hands of kids!

Now, let me restate again: Shota as a genre is not inherently sexual, can refer to adults with youthful features, and doesn’t involve any actual real human kids ever in any way.

Also, if sexual drawn material that depicts fictional characters who look like they could be underage bothers you, that’s okay. Just don’t partake of it. But don’t accuse people of assaulting kids. Drawn rape porn bothers some people but no one is raped to make it and those who view it aren’t assumed to be raping people. Drawn tentacle porn bothers some people but no real tentacle monsters are involved and those who view it aren’t assumed to be fucking an octopus. Drawn vore porn bothers some people but no one is eaten to make it and those who view it aren’t assumed to be cannibals. Drawn materials depicting fictional characters who look like they could be underage doesn’t involve real kids and those who view it should not be assumed to be assaulting children. Drawn art is not real. It is a visual work of fiction. The same goes for fictional writing. Fictional writing is not real. Art is not reality. Fiction is not reality. Fiction is innately not real.

So yeah. Point is, learn to educate yourself on a topic before spewing whatever the “popular opinion” ticker text on Fox News is at the moment. Your view is no more well-founded than the idea that vaccines cause autism. They are both harmful falsehoods. The world is much bigger than your tiny world view. Grow up, use your brain, and go learn something.

mihaelkai , i absolutely love you.

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